Dukan Tagliatelle Spinazie 200 g

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Description of Dukan Tagliatelle Spinazie

The range of Dukan® products is developed based on unique recipes and their exceptional nutritional characteristics: rich in fiber, no fat and useless carbohydrates.

Tagliatelle Konjac is a good substitute of classic tagliatelle wheat. Tagliatelle Konjac contains only 95% fewer calories than its classic form *. They are rich in fiber, contain no fat and and have a decreased amount of carbohydrates compared to conventional pasta. That way you can enjoy without feeling guilty!

* 9.6 kcal for 100 g Dukan® tagliatelle Nature, as opposed to 364 kcal for an average of 100g classic pasta.


The Dukan® products are great for people who want to adopt a healthy and balanced eating habit.

With more than 50% oat bran, the Dukan® products enrich your daily nutrition with fiber like no other. Moreover, the products contain less added sugar.

Konjac: a traditional and natural food from Asia. Konja is rich in soluble fiber, which are also called glucomannans.

Konjac has two properties:
  • The "full stomach" effect due to the soluble fiber.
  • Maintaining a normal cholesterol level.

Use of Dukan Tagliatelle Spinazie

1. Preparation
Drain the tagliatelle. Rinse the tagliatelle for 2 to 3 minutes with clean water. It is normal that an iodine smell is present. That smell disappears after washing.

In the oven: Preheat the tagliatelle for 1 minute in a sauce of your choice.
Au Bain-marie: Preheat the tagliatelle for 1 minute in boiling water. Then add a sauce at choice.

2. Storage
Do not freeze. After opening the Tagliatelle of Konjac can be stored for 3 days in a bowl of water that you place in the refrigerator.

Ingredients Dukan Tagliatelle Spinazie

Water, spinachpowder5%, 3.6%konjacpowder, acidity regulator:calcium hypochlorite.
- Fats0g
      of which saturatedfat0g
      of which sugars0g


Keepat room temperature.
Do not store intherefrigerator.
Dukan Tagliatelle Spinazie 200 g
(£2,00 / 100 g)

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