Holistica Ultra-Magnesium 150 g

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Description of Holistica Ultra-Magnesium

magnesium is extracted from the french purest coast waters, filtered, evaporated under vacuum and then crystallised after desalination and lagooning, without adding any preservatives or chemicals. This pure seawater extract is a concentrate with over 58% elemental magnesium in its various natural forms together with many other marine trace elements that are complementary to magnesium.

Thanks to this original formula, Holistica has identified the right mix of natural marine magnesium together with vegetal source citric acid that enable magnesium salts to turn into natural soluble magnesium citrate when dissolved into water. This formula is balanced for an optimal pH level that ensures maximum bioavailability for a liquid Magnesium intake without any added synthetic nutrients or artificial additives. ULTRA MARINE MAGNESIUM can also be recommended in association with ULTRA VEGAN D3® drops or with MULTIVITAMIN PHYSIOXID®, ACEROLA and other HOLISTICA® supplements as Magnesium is a general co-factor involved in many nutrients metabolism.


  • Metabolism
  • Tiredness

Use of Holistica Ultra-Magnesium

Dissolve half a teaspoon (2 g) in a glass of water or an infusion and consume 1/2 hour before the two main meals.

Ingredients Holistica Ultra-Magnesium

Acidity regulator: citric acid (natural), marine magnesium (magnesium oxide from the purified sea water lagoons and the French coast).
(£8,91 / 100 g)

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