Davitamon Junior Girlz 12+ 60 St Tablets

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Description of Davitamon Junior Girlz 12+

Davitamon Girlz contains specific vitamins and vitamins adapted towards the needs of teenage girls.

- Vitamin B6: plays a rol in certain hormonal processes of the menstrual cycle and helps reduce premenstrual symptoms.
- Vitamin E: an important anti-oxidizer that protects cells and plays a rol in maintaining a good skin condition.
- Iron: because of a loss of blood, girls are in need of extra iron.
- Zinc: keeps the skin, nails, and hairs in a good condition.
- Coenzyme Q10: beneficial effect on the skin.

Use of Davitamon Junior Girlz 12+

2 chewing tablets per day.
Davitamon Junior Girlz 12+ 60 St Tablets

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