Description of Be-Life Curcuma 2400

Be-Life Biolife Curcuma 2400
  • Protection of the natural resistance
  • Joints under heavy pressure
  • Enhances a smooth digestion
  • Increases working through the synergy with piperine

Use of Be-Life Curcuma 2400

1 capsule a day, during the meal

Ingredients Be-Life Curcuma 2400

Curcuma concentrated (extract 5-7/1) 400 mg
(corresponds to 2,8g plant powder)
Black pepper 5mg
fish gelatin capsule*
not EU farming

Curcumine 24 mg/caps
Piperin: min 300 mcg/caps.
Be-Life Curcuma 2400 60 capsules

Latest reviews and experiences with Be-life curcuma 2400

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  • 3/5
    Reviewed by
    I tried this supplement because of the main ingredient curcuma supposedly good for the prevention of some cancers. No harm in trying as it is a good supplement for the digestive system.
  • 5/5
    Reviewed by
    Price/quality very good product. I had an oesophageal inflammation but thanks to a strict diet everything is back to normal now. I'm taking this product to protect my stomach and oesophagus. It's a natural product so no side effects!

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