Nutrisanté Acerola 1000mg 24 chewing tablets

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Description of Nutrisanté Acerola 1000mg

The acerola cherry is a small fruit originally from South America, known for it's incredible high vitamin C content. Nutrisanté Acerola 1000mg uses this cherry extract and added extra natural vitamin C to the formula in order to boost it even more. 
Vitamin C has a fatigue fighting effect that works on a daily basis, it also contributes to a properly functioning immune system and various energy producing processes in our body.


A dietary supplement rich in acerola and vitamin C to remedy daily fatigue and stimulate a good immune system.

Use of Nutrisanté Acerola 1000mg

Consume 1 Nutrisanté Acerola 1000mg tablet a day, preferably in the morning in order to strenghten the body. A full treatment course of 24 days is recommended, the treatment can be repeated in periods of heavy physical and mental stress. 

Ingredients Nutrisanté Acerola 1000mg

1000 mg of dry extract of acerola source of vitamin C, 180 mg of vitamin C
Nutrisanté Acerola 1000mg 24 chewing tablets

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