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The World Health Organization recommends you to breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months. Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies as it contains all the necessary nutritional values for babies and provides antibodies that protect them from diseases. If you want to use an alternative milk product, please follow the preparation instructions accurately. A faulty preparation or usage can damage the health of your baby. We advise you to ask for professional advice from a doctor, a dietitian or a pharmacist before using any alternative products.

Description of Enfamil Premium Lipil 2

Enfamil Premium Lipil 2 gives your baby from 6 months to 1 year, the important nutrients ** for normal growth and development:

The vitamins are important for the growth of your baby **. Enfamil Premium Lipil 2 contains vitamin C for the immune system and the B vitamins in order to pick up energy out of the food.

Calcium and iron:
Enfamil Premium Lipil 2 also contains minerals ** that contribute to the healthy development of your child, such as calcium to build bones and teeth, the iron for the immune system and the production of red blood cells.

DHA (omega 3):
Naturally present in the muttermilk, DHA plays a role in the construction of the structure and the operation of the brains and eyes. They were combined, because we found a high concentration in the cerebral cortex and the retina. In the first year the nervous system of your baby is developing fast, like his brains and his vision. The nature does her job well, because breast milk is naturally rich at DHA with an average of 0.3 %. Enfamil Premium Lipil 2 is a unique blend enriched with DHA (omega - 3) and ARA (omega 6), similar to the amounts and proportions of muttermilk according to the latest recommendations for infant nourishment.
Product no longer available

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