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Description of Blox Ear Plugs Airplane Child

More than 30% of the air passengers has pain at the ears during the flight, especially during take off and landing.

This pain is caused by the rapid air pressure differences that the eardrum is undergoing. The solution: ear plugs of BLOX Airplane. They reduce and control air pressure at height fluctuations: through the hole at the front, only a small amount of the air gets in the ear and the second hole at the back slows down the airflow that enters and leave the ear. The pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the ear sinks, so the pain reduces. The BLOX model for in the plane also serves as a noise filter. Obnoxious, loud and painful sounds are reduced to an acceptable level. However, important sounds (calls, alarm signals, radio and television) remain audible.

- Patented technology: control and reduce the air pressure in the ear during height fluctuations (take-off, landing)
- Ready to use and user friendly
- Reusable, washable
- Two sizes. Child size from 4 years
- Pack of 1 pair + storage case


Anti-pression auditive protection during take-off and landing

Ingredients Blox Ear Plugs Airplane Child

Composition: molded silicone. Hypoallergenic.
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  • 4/5
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    Practical compact package and child friendly! They look very practical! but too bad that there is only one pair. Other brands have 2 pairs.

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