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Description of Bibi Pacifier Dental Grandpa From 6 Months

Not all pacifiers are the same, Bibi turns them into fashionable items by combining Swiss quality with a high functionality in a stunning range of designs. The "I love mama" and "Daddy is the best" have been bestsellers for years no doubt, but the new designs change each year, giving you seasonal options in endless motifs and colors. 
Just like the changes in design, the shapes and sizes of the Bibi collection is a large spectrum that can be made to measure your baby's needs. The orthodontic shape is modelled after a child's mouth in order to fit the young jaw.
Pacifiers are made of a transparant silicone material that keeps its shape, does swell up or erode easily. 

All of the Bibi NUK Dental pacifiers are bisfenol A-free.
Attention : the color and/or the drawing may differ with that of the photograph.


A stylisch pacifier that is suitable for baby's from 6 months and up.

Use of Bibi Pacifier Dental Grandpa From 6 Months

How often should we clean the pacifier?
Before the first usage of your newly bough pacifier, you should boil it for 5 minutes! After that you start the process of frequent sterilisation or boiling when it's often used.
How often should we change the pacifiers?
The pacifiers should be renewed every 6 weeks because of hygenic and safety reasons. Always check the pacifier before giving it to your baby, especially when they start developing teeth, you should especially watch out for tears or weak spots. As soon as you notice a tear or weak spot, change the pacifier immediately for a new one. Pacifiers are there to comfort the sucking reflex of your baby, they are not a biting ring.


Can a baby suffocate in a pacifier?
The Bibi pacifiers meet the required EN-1400 norm and are specifically made through various safety procedures. even when your baby should have managed to get the entire pacifier and shield into its mouth, there are 2 large holes in it that make sure your baby can still breathe. Remove the pacifier carefully from the mouth should this situation occur. 

Is the colored print on the pacifiers dangerous for my child?
Non, on the contrary, Bibi uses colorants from real food supplies and are completely harmless for your child. Even if your child manages to remove some of the colorant and swallow it. 

Why are there 2 holes in the shield of the pacifier?
The 2 holes in the shield are an extra safety for your child, should they manage to get the entire shield into their mouth, they can still breathe normally. There's never any danger of suffocation, so never attach anything to these 2 holes.
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    We buy our Bibi soothers always at Farmaline. Farmaline has got original soothers therefore my child has got a different one than the others. The soothers are very good.

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