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Description of Zembro Plus Personal Alarm Modern Black

There are two aspects to the concept behind Zembro bracelet. On one hand, you have the Zembro bracelet itself, by which we mean the bracelet. On the other, you have an application that is installed on a smartphone. 
The Zembro senior wears the bracelet and the connections (family members or other contacts) use the application on their smartphones. The senior doesn’t need a smartphone, computer or fixed-line telephone to be able to use the bracelet.
There's a chip in the bracelet that is in constant connection with the telephone network. This is why the senior never needs a mobile phone if the alarm is sounded; the bracelet acts as a telephone. 
The bracelet is charged via a USB cable that connects to a computer, or a charging plug that goes in a power outlet.
Zembro bracelet is completely waterproof and as such, it’s perfect for wearing in the shower.

The Zembro service costs £15/month
Includes a built-in free-roaming SIM chip. The monthly fee of £15 covers unlimited alarms and talk time, including Europe-wide mobile network access as well as product and app updates.


Zembro Personal Alarm doesn't only look good, but it also offers you the freedom, independence and peace of mind that is so crucially important.

Use of Zembro Plus Personal Alarm Modern Black

Hold down the button on the bracelet screen for 4 continuous seconds and then release it. The bracelet will then count down for 20 seconds and sound the alarm. After 5 seconds you will hear an sos tone so that you know you've sounded the alarm.

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