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Description of Ymea Menopause & Silhouette Duo

Ymea Menopause & Silhouetteis a natural product that helps with menopausal symptoms and maintain your silhouette.
  • Helps with hot flashes and nightly sweating
  • Helps with mood swings and restless feelings
  • Supports proper fluid balance
  • Promotes fat burning
32 capsules for day 32 capsules for night


Symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flushes, and irritability. Additionally Ymea Menopause & Silhouette helps to keep your weight.

Use of Ymea Menopause & Silhouette Duo

The symptoms are different for every woman. Depending on the degree of transition, you may take daily two capsules Ymea Silhouette. Preferably, during or after meals with a glass of water. For additional need, the dose may be doubled or combined with a tablet Ymea (Cimicifuga racemosa extract). Ymea Silhouette is a supplement that is reccomended daily during the transition. .

Ingredients Ymea Menopause & Silhouette Duo

The active substances in Ymea Silhouette are flaxseed, green tea and birch leaf extract.

This natural product helps supports both typical menopausal symptoms and also helps in weight Ymea Silhouette.


YmeaSilhouetteisa plantproduct.

Toplantproducts,as active ingredientsonlyplantmaterials are used,which are notdiluted.
Product no longer available

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  • 5/5
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    First time to buy this product from Farmalinr it was very easy to follow from selecting with very good information right through to purchase and delivery hopefully they work will be back again
  • 5/5
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    These are really good, would buy again, i get no hot flushes, and they keep the bloat at bay, which is what i want.I would recommend these to anyone who suffers these symptoms.

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