Ymea Day & Night 64 capsules

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Description of Ymea Day & Night

Ymea day and night
Also during the sleep transition

  • Helps with hot flashes and sweating
  • Helps in varying moods and restless feelings
  • Helps with night sweating
  • Helps to sleep
The ingredients of Ymea day & night Vitex agnus-cactus are yam, hop and extract in the Vitex agnus-daycapsule and balm, hops, cactus extract and melatonin capsule at night. So on one hand and on the other hand, it helps with typical transitional phenomena at a good night's rest.

Ymea day & night is a fytoproduct. To be used as the active plant extracts, fytoproducten substances that are not diluted.


Ymea Day & Night is a natural product that relieves complaints during menopause and provides a good night's rest.

Use of Ymea Day & Night

Take one white day capsule in the morning after breakfast and one blue nightcapsule before going to sleep with water. Do not exceed the recommended dose. 

Ymea Day & Night is a nautral product that can be used throughout the whole menopause.

Ingredients Ymea Day & Night

Cimicifuga Racemosa extract, Melissa extract, Rose root extract, Valerian extract, Passion flower extract, Vitamin 6.


Do not exceed recommended dosage.
Product no longer available

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