Ymea Day And Night Duo 2x64 capsules

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Description of Ymea Day And Night Duo

Ymea Day & Night is a new formula that has separate capsules for day and night. Daytime Ymea Day & Night helps with hot flashes, mood swings and tiredness and at night with night sweats and sleeping well.

Ymea Day & Night is a natural remedy that helps menopausal symptoms and for good sleeping.

  •  Helps with hot flashes and sweating
  •  Helps in varying moods and restless feelings
  • Helps with night sweating
  • Helps to sleep
The ingredients of Ymea day & night Vitex agnus-cactus are yam, hop and extract in the Vitex agnus-daycapsule and balm, hops, cactus extract and melatonin capsule at night. So on one hand and on the other hand, it helps with typical transitional phenomena at a good night's rest.
Ymea day & night is a fytoproduct. To be used as the active plant extracts, fytoproducten substances that are not diluted.


Ymea Day & Night is a natural product that relieves complaints during menopause and provides a good night's rest.

Use of Ymea Day And Night Duo

Take one white day capsule in the morning after breakfast and one blue nightcapsule before going to sleep with water. Do not exceed the recommended dose. 

Ymea Day & Night is a nautral product that can be used throughout the whole menopause.

Ingredients Ymea Day And Night Duo

Cimicifuga Racemosa extract, Melissa extract, Rose root extract, Valerian extract, Passion flower extract, Vitamin 6.


Do not exceed recommended dosage.
Product no longer available

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