XLS Cure Xanthigen 120 softgels

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Description of XLS Cure Xanthigen

XLS Xhantigen advanced Calorie burner is a dietary supplement with a double action.

1 - It supports and stimulates the fat metabolism*
The brown algea in Xanthigen®  support the fat metablism and help to maintain the ideal weight. By supporting the fat burning and protecting against free radicals, Xanthigen® gives a good feeling in the body and helps you slim down. Burn up more calories by combining healthy foods with exercise. A few extra tips to burn 400 calories:


2 - Beautyseffect (Anti-Aging)
The brown algea in Xanthigen® protect the cells from free radical damage.
That contributes to a sublime complexion and youthful skin = beautyeffect (anti-aging)

*Brown algea: brown algea help to maintain a healthy weight and suppor the fat burning process. These algea have a protective anti-oxidant action


A dietary supplement that helps with weightloss and support a youthful skin. Containing brown algea that stimualte the fatburning process and pomegranate oil that has an antioxidant action for the skin.

Use of XLS Cure Xanthigen

Take 1 capsule 3 times a day with a tall glass of water, 30 minutes before each meal. 

Ingredients XLS Cure Xanthigen

Well tolerated:
Xanthigen® : as a good tolerated profile: contains no caffeine or theine, doesn't stimulate the nervea system or interrupt the sleep pattern. It's a supplement based upon brown algea and pomegranate seed oil.


-Keep out of children's reach
-Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage
-A supplement is no replacement of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Product no longer available

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