Vitacys Promo + 1 Month For Free 120+60 capsules

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Description of Vitacys Promo + 1 Month For Free

The new Vitacys® formula is a dietary supplement with:
Cystine: an amino acid. This is a building block of keratin, the protein for hair and nails.
Vitamin B6: helps in the normal synthesis of cysteine.
Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C, zinc and selenium contribute to the maintenance of healthy hair and nails. The three components together protect cells against oxidative stress.
OPC from grape seeds OPC polyphenols from grape seeds have an antioxidant effect.


  • Contributes to maintaining healthy hair and healthy nails with zinc and selenium
  • Promotes growth and repair of hair and nails

Use of Vitacys Promo + 1 Month For Free

Consume 2 tablets daily during the meal, preferably breakfast. A course of 2 months is recommended for optimal results.

Ingredients Vitacys Promo + 1 Month For Free

2 tablets
Cystine: 1000mg
Zinc: 10mg
Selenium: 82.5μg
Vitamin B6: 2.8mg
Vitamin C: 80mg
Grape seed extract: 150mg


The intake should be limited to a couple of weeks/months.

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