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Description of Vista-Cal D

Vista-Cal D
Calcium supplements are very widely used. Most supplements need to be dissolved in water or chewed and have an artificial orange or lemon flavour. This is not a problem in the short term. In the long term, however, too many people stop taking these calcium supplements simply because they “can’t stand” the flavour any longer.
The only solution to this (insurmountable) problem is to take away the bad flavour by offering calcium as unflavoured swallowable tablets. The swallowable tablet should not be too large and must be easy to swallow, but it must also contain a sufficient dose (at least 500 mg of calcium) per tablet.
The tablets have been kept as small as possible, and are also coated with a smooth layer of film that makes them easy to swallow. Simply swallow the tablet with liquid or a small amount of food.


Tired of the flavour of your calcium supplement?
The solution: calcium + vitamin D in 1 swallowable tablet!

Ingredients Vista-Cal D

1 VISTA-Cal D tablet contains 500 mg of calcium and 20 mcg of vitamin D3 (800 iu).

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