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Description of Viruprotect

  • Doesn't only have an effect on the symptoms of a cold, but tackes the cause ( the cold viruses) 
  • Reduces the number of active viruses with 99%*
  • Halves the duration of your cold*
  • The throat spray is easy to use and has a amazing taste. 
*SOURCE: Clinical evaluation report ViruProtect® Clarsund et al, Common cold prophylaxis using ColdZyme Mouth Spray, Congress of the Nordic Association of Otolaryngology Copenhagen 2014.

Viruprotect is effective in the mouth and throatwhere cold viruses are present and multiply. It has a unique 3-fold operating mechanism that tackles cold viruses:

enclosing: Viroprotect forms a film on the mucous membrane. This film attracts cold viruses and and encloses them. 
deactivation: ViroProtect deactivates cold viruses
protect: The Viruprotect barrier protects the mouth and throat to avoid that cold viruses infect the cells.


With acute infection risk and the first cold symptoms

Use of Viruprotect

from the first signs of a cold and / or acute infection risk (eg someone in your area who already has a cold)

Up to 6x per day: spray twice every 2 hours
Direct the spray to your throat and spray 2x (= 1 dose) 

Do not use more than 30 days

Suitable for adults and children from 4 years.


Do not use ViruProtect if you are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients (glycerin,  trypsin, ethanol, calcium chloride, trometamol, menthol).
ViruProtect® has not been clinically tested in pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor.
(£138,25 / 100 ml)

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