Vichy Eau Thermale FREE Offer 50 ml

Description of Vichy Eau Thermale FREE Offer

Vichy Eau Thermale
Rich in mineral salts and trace elements. It soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the skin immunity. Suitable for all skin types. Spray the water on your skin and leave it to take effect for a while and then dry gently. It can be used for refreshment several times a day, for perfect make-up removal in the morning and in the evening. No preservatives, fragrance-free


Results: Skin is reinforced, comforted, and instantly soothed. Helps reinforce the skin's natural protective function. Vichy Thermal Water is used to enhance tolerance and calm skin irritations. 

Use of Vichy Eau Thermale FREE Offer

After spraying, let stand a few moments and then gently dry. During the day, soothes and cools immediately. Perfect for removing make-up whether in the morning or the evening.

Ingredients Vichy Eau Thermale FREE Offer

100% Pure Vichy Thermal water, preservative and fragrance free. Mineral content (mg/1): Bicarbonates: 4776.3. Chloride: 357.0. Potassium: 99.6. Fluorine: 8.8. Sodium: 1860.0. Calcium: 150.6. Magnesium: 12.3. Iron: 1.0. Neutral pH.
Vichy Eau Thermale FREE Offer 50 ml
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