Trovet UPL Unique Protein Dog & Cat (Lamb) 800 g

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Description of Trovet UPL Unique Protein Dog & Cat (Lamb)

-Each product contains one, unique protein source. 
-Does not contain added vitamins or minarals. 
-No disturbance in the diagnosis by other components. 
-Only the addition of olive oil and sunflower oil. 
-Useable as self cook elimination diet. 
-Possibility to compose the diet yourself with addition of a carbohydrate source (potato/rice) and TROVET Balance (additional hypoallergenic mineral and vitamin mix).


Elimination diets for cats 
-Food allergy 
-Food intolerance

Use of Trovet UPL Unique Protein Dog & Cat (Lamb)

Advised duration for use of TROVET Unique Protein is 3-8 weeks at first. When the hypersensitivity symptoms disappear, TROVET Hypoallergenic diets can be applied for life as a complete dietary food. TROVET Unique Protein can also be applied for life when combined with boiled potato/rice and TROVET Balance, vitamin and mineral mix. The stringent following of the diet prescription is of high importance.


-Hypersensitivity to lamb protein
(£82,84 / kg)

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