Trovet RRD Hypoallergenic Dog (Rabbit) 400 g

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Description of Trovet RRD Hypoallergenic Dog (Rabbit)

-Hypoallergenic dietary food based on one protein and one carbohydrate source (rabbit and rice).
-Prevents immunological reactions (food allergy) or non-immunological reactions (food intolerance) in the form ofskin problems and/or digestive problems (diarrhea, vomiting).
-Changing to a hypoallergenic diet will help to slowly reduce associated itching and preventing secondary skin lesions caused by scratching, rubbing and biting.
-Contains all essential food components in optimal amounts.
-Suited for puppies.


Easily digestible dietary food for dogs with food hypersensitivity
-Food allergy
-Food intolerance

Use of Trovet RRD Hypoallergenic Dog (Rabbit)

Advised duration for use of TROVET Hypoallergenic (Rabbit) is 3-8 weeks at first. When the hypersensitivity symptoms disappear, TROVET Hypoallergenic (Rabbit) can be applied for life as a complete dietary food. The stringent following of the diet prescription is of high importance.

Ingredients Trovet RRD Hypoallergenic Dog (Rabbit)

meat and animal derivatives (rabbit), cereals (rice), minerals.


-Hypersensitivity to rabbit protein
(£7,71 / kg)

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