Trovet RID Renal & Oxalate Cat (Chicken) 2040 g

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Description of Trovet RID Renal & Oxalate Cat (Chicken)

-Kidney insufficiency is characterized by disturbed filtration and resorption which results in a severe disturbance of electrolyte and water balance, complicated by a high level of urea in the blood. 
-Assists the kidneys in regulating the water and electrolyte balance in the body and in the blood and the removal of unusable metabolites. 
-The high biological value of the feed results in little "leftover amino acids" that would result in urea provision. 
-Easily absorbable calcium and higher vitamin D3 level promote the absorption of calcium and the lower level of phosphorus prevents renal dystrophy. 
-K-citrate reduces the risk of calcium oxalate formation.


Dietary food for adult cats with insufficient kidney function 
-Kidney failure and kidney insufficiency 
-Urolithiasis caused by urate, cystine and oxalate

Use of Trovet RID Renal & Oxalate Cat (Chicken)

Advised duration for use of TROVET Renal & Oxalate is at least 6 months. After this period TROVET Renal & Oxalate can be applied for life as a complete dietary food.

Ingredients Trovet RID Renal & Oxalate Cat (Chicken)

meat and animal derivatives (chicken, pork, lamb), cereals (rice), fish and fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin (guar gum), oils and fats (poultry fat), minerals.


-Pregnant and bursing cats
-Cats with uroliths which are composed of struvite
(£17,41 / kg)
Product no longer available

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