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Description of Trisport Pharma Energy Drink Lemon

Can be used as a thirst quencher during colder weather or if one needs to drink less.
Can also be used for boosting glycogen levels during the days preceding a competition.


- It is best to drink a thirst quencher (Hydra-Max) in a hot  
  environment where you perspire a great deal and when it
  is important to provide your body with additional fluids
  and electrolytes.
- If it is colder and you perspire less, it is more important   
  to take in sugar than fluids. In that case, an energy drink  
  is a better choice than a thirst quencher.
- Energy-Drink is a hypertonic drink which supplies you with  
  a great deal of energy and less fluid. Energy-Drink can
  also be used on the day before and after your  
  competition to quickly supplement the glycogen reserves.

Use of Trisport Pharma Energy Drink Lemon

4 measuring scoops per 500 cc.
(£23,79 / kg)

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