Tilman Biolys Aroma+ Colds 20 bags

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Description of Tilman Biolys Aroma+ Colds

Tilman Biolys Aroma+ Colds
The essential oil of the Scots pine is great when it comes to offering nasal relief during a cold. Her lively and powerful aroma of mountain forests ensures a dose of fresh air. This «allergy cold»-formula combines the power of pine essential oil with the benefits of thyme, eucalyptus and elderberry.


An aromatic and organic tea that helps safeguard the breathing when fighting colds.

Use of Tilman Biolys Aroma+ Colds

Infuse for 5-10 mins
Max 3 cups per day

Ingredients Tilman Biolys Aroma+ Colds

Thyme herb * 20%
Eucalyptus leaf * 20%
Soft mint leaf * 18%
Licorice root * 12%
Anise fruit * 10%
Mint and Lemon Natural aromas * 6%
Pine button * 5%
Elderflower * 5%
Essential pine oil * 4%
*Product of the biological agriculture. Certisys BE-BIO-01.


NOT suitable for : pregnant women / breastfeeding women
Suitable for : children 6yrs+ 

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