Superfoods Chia Seeds Bio 300 g

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Description of Superfoods Chia Seeds Bio

Chi seeds, traditionally grown and used by the Inca's contain a unique source of omega 3, vital fatty acids that protect the consumer against inflammation, artritis and heart conditions. Chi seeds regulate the bloodsugar levels, because they're rich in suluble fibers, they'll slow down the speed at which our bodies transform glucose into simple sugars for storage or fuel. They help to slim down, their slimy consistancy gives the feeling of being full much faster, cause you to crave sugar or treats in between meals less. 


Omega 3 for artritis, a healthy heart and immune system

Use of Superfoods Chia Seeds Bio

2 table spoons a day

Ingredients Superfoods Chia Seeds Bio

Voedingswaarde (Valeurs nutritionnelles) 100g: 
- Protein: 20.2 – 22.2g 
- Carbs: 36.5 – 38.5g 
- Fiber: 32.7 – 34.7g 
- Lipids: 30.4 – 32.4g 
- Being omega 3 : 19.36 – 21.36g 
- Calories: 524 Kcal 
- Without GGO 
- Without pesticides
Superfoods Chia Seeds Bio 300 g
(£23,40 / kg)

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