Slimshot Act Drainante 500 ml

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Description of Slimshot Act Drainante

Food supplement made from plant extracts, with sweetener. The plants from which the product is composed exert an overall influence on the excess kilos.
- 400 mg extract of guarana, a real fat burner
- 30 mg of green tea extract, burns and reduces fat, and regulates the body weight
- 30 mg extract of mate, 30 mg of dandelion extract, 30 mg extract of cherry stalks, offer a judicious addition to the composition
1 dose of 50 ml, containing:
- 60 mg extract of cherry stems and 25 mg extract of burdock. Due to their draining action they promote the loss of moist in the body.
- The composition also contains 25 mg of meadowsweet extract, 25 mg of black currant extract, 20 mg of green tea extract, and 25 mg extract of artichoke.

Use of Slimshot Act Drainante

Dilute a dose of 50 ml (one full cap) per day of Slim Shot Draining effect in a large glass of water (250 mL).

To be taken during meals.
Slimshot Act Drainante 500 ml
Product no longer available

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