Sediplus Relax 40 St Tablets

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Description of Sediplus Relax

Daily life with busy schedules also have unpleasant consequences. We are under pressure every day and suffer from stress. The bar is high: everywhere we have to perform, perform and achieve success.

Sediplus Relax is a dietary supplement that combats stress and promotes restorative sleep. Sediplus Relax is a simple and natural solution to dispel stress and nervousness.


For an optimal relaxation
  • Situations of transient stress
  • Helps to be able to sleep

Use of Sediplus Relax

For a calming effect during the day:
Adults: take 2 x 1 to 2 dragees after meals with a little water.

To be able to sleep:
Adults: 3 to 4 dragees, one hour before bedtime.

Children from 6 years: 1 to 2 dragees per day.

Best to take after the meal!

Ingredients Sediplus Relax

Based on well-chosen extracts:
- Valerian 150mg
- Hop 80mg
- Wild Passion 20mg
- Woundwort 20 mg


Pregnancy: unknown

Lactation: unknown

Driving: sedation
Sediplus Relax 40 St Tablets

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