Royal Canin Dog Sensitivity Control Chicken 420 g

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Description of Royal Canin Dog Sensitivity Control Chicken

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control is a hypoallergenic dietary food for the diagnosis and treatment of food allergy and food oversensitiveness. Also available as dry food.

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control

When treating food oversensitiveness your veterinary surgeon will prescribe your dog a prescription diet. There are 3 variations of Royal Canin Sensitivity Control on the market, based on the protein source: blue whiting, chicken and duck. These diet foods are also very well suited to help with the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and skin problems.


Dogs are very rarily allergic to chicken, rice or duck and are able to digest these easily. The chances of allergic reactions get smaller. The dry food contains blue whiting, which is even rarer than chicken or duck, and decreases the chances of allergic reactions. A special combination of vitamines and zinc derease the water loss through the skin and improve the barriere-function of the skin. Omega-3-fatty acids (EPA/DHA) help skin reactions happen less often and contribute to the integrity of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestenal tract. The high concentration of Omega-3-fatty acids in Royal Canin Sensitivity Control makes it very suited for dogs with chronic skin problems, who struggle with allergies. The combination of a fermentable fibres contribute to a better composition of the intestal flora and protect the intestinal mucous membrane. This nourishment is gluten-free.

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control is a balanced, complete hypoallergenic dietary food, which can be given lifelong.


- Food allergies (skin disorders and/or digestive problems)
- Food intolerance
- Chronical idiopathic colitis
- Atopic dermatitis.
(£8,41 / kg)

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