Respiratory Soft Chewable Lozenges 90 g

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Description of Respiratory Soft Chewable Lozenges

Soft chewable lozenges are composed of soothing acacia gum combined with essential oils of cornmint as eucalyptus globulus.

- Active ingredient 100% natural origin
- Essential oils 
- Sugar-free
-  Preservative-free
- No animal gelatin
- No artificial flavouring
- No artificial sweetener – naturally sweetened with plant extract of stevia


For the temporary relief of sore throat, helps ease/relieve nasal congestion, flavoured with eucalyptus oil to provide a fresh breath.

Use of Respiratory Soft Chewable Lozenges

Adults and children 7 years and over: 1 soft chewable lozenge to be licked and allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth as required. 6 lozenges per day for a maximum; do not use continuously for more than 5 days.

Ingredients Respiratory Soft Chewable Lozenges

2 essential oils: field mint, eucalyptus globulus. Acacia. Vegetable extract: stevia -> 100% natural sweetener, 0 calories. The soothing gums consist of softening acacia, combined with the essential oils of mint and eucalyptus globulus. No sugars, no artificial sweetener, naturally sweetened with stevia plant extract.


Instructions 3 to 6 gums per day for up to 5 days
(£9,84 / 100 g)

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