Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion 100 ml lotion

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Leaflet of Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion 100 ml lotion

Description of Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion

The plant oils act mechanically by obstructing the respiratory openings of the lice, larvae and nits. The lice are unable to develop resistance due to the asphyxiation mechanism.
- Eliminates lice, larvae and nits.
- Effective in 10 minutes.
- No lice resistance.
- Proven efficacy.
Product tested in an independent parasitology laboratory:
Ex-vivo tests show that Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion has a pediculicide and niticide effect, i.e. it starts to kill lice, larvae and nits after 10 minutes of contact time. These ex-vivo tests were performed on lice, larvae and nits taken from infested subjects at the time of the test, rather than on farmed lice that have not been in contact with humans and therefore have potentially not been able to develop resistance to conventional treatments. Its gentle and nourishing formula is ideal for scalps irritated by repeated scratching. Its applicator bottle is easy and practical to use. It has a fresh and pleasant fragrance, and leaves the hair soft and shiny. Can be used on adults and children over 3 years.

Use of Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion

1. Inspect the heads of all family members using the Puressentiel lice comb*. All people with lice must be treated the same day, to prevent new infestations. 
2. Before starting, place a towel around the shoulders of the person to be treated. Comb through the hair with a normal brush or comb to detangle.
3. Apply Puressentiel Anti-Lice Lotion generously, section by section, to dry hair. It is important to apply enough product to cover the entire hair and scalp so that all lice, larvae and nits are in contact with the solution, thereby guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

Amount required per application:
• For long hair: 1 bottle = 1 person.
• For mid-length to short hair: 1 bottle = 2 to 3 people.
1. Massage from the roots to the tips to soak the entire scalp and hair. Pay particular attention to the nape of the neck and behind the ears. The hair must be completely soaked in the product.
2. Leave working for 10 minutes.
3. Wash hair with the Puressentiel Pouxdoux® Shampoo and then rinse with water. Repeat shampooing if the hair is still greasy.
4. Carefully comb the still damp hair with the Puressentiel lice comb* to remove nits, larvae and dead lice (see the directions for use for the comb below).
5. A second application 3 days later is required.


Do not use on children under 3 years, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or in case of allergy to one of the ingredients. Avoid all contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water or, if necessary, with plant oil. External use. Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children. Store away from light and heat. Risk of slipping if the product is sprayed onto a smooth surface
(£13,39 / 100 ml)
Product no longer available

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