Description of Protefix Adhesive Sheets lower denture

Adhesive sheets for upper and lower dentures. This is for the under dentures.

Especially for the specific problems during the transition period, your dentis will advise you how to use Protefix adhesive sheets, to fill the resulting cavities (mandible and maxilla dentures). But even with a strong jaw linking in old age, the use of adhesive sheets are useful.

This fine, palate-friendly nonwoven fabric contains sodium alginate that supports additional the adhesive strength after  short wetting. The adhesive sheet offers an effective protection against pressure spots and inflammation. The using of Protefix® adhesive sheets is very simple. Your dentist or pharmacist will show you how to apply the adhesive sheets. For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to replace the adhesive sheet several times a da.y In addition, you should rinse your mouth well.

Use of Protefix Adhesive Sheets lower denture

Cut the adhesive sheet at the backside, depending on the teeth size.

Soak the adhesive sheet in warm water for 2 to 3 seconds in a glass, put the adhesive sheet on the moisturised denture and push into place. Put the denture in the mouth.

Put the adheisve sheet with the smooth side on the denture  and put the uneven side in contact with the palate.
Drinking abundantly let the adhesive sheet loosen. Therefore sprinkle also some adhesive powder on the adhesive sheet.

Ingredients Protefix Adhesive Sheets lower denture

Made from a physiologically neutral fiber with a layer of adhesive powder Protefix.

100g adhesive sheet is composed of 28g sodium alginate, viscose fibers, polypropylene fibers.

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