Protefix Adhesive Powder 50 g


Description of Protefix Adhesive Powder

PROTEFIX® EXTRA STRONG ADHESIVE POWDER is a classic among the adhesives, ideal for small adhesive problems and thin liquid saliva. Very user friendly: Protefix® adhesive powder is sprinkled on the moist prosthesis immediately after application and ensures a secure and lasting adhesion.


Protefix® extra-strong adhesive powder is made from 100% sodium alginate, a substance perfectly tolerated on a natural basis. It is odorless and taste and can boast many years of reliability.
Does the prosthesis release early, than you can adjust easily wherever you are. Sprinkle just a little bit to moist your prosthesis and your prosthesis will again stuck for hours!

Use of Protefix Adhesive Powder

Make the teeth wet, then the side that comes in contact with the palate, evenly sprinkle with a little Protefix back and forth in the mouth.

Adhesive Power: ± 12 hours
Keep dry.

Ingredients Protefix Adhesive Powder

Consists of 100% Na alginate.

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