Pilos Forte 60 Capsules

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Description of Pilos Forte

The most complete nutritional composition for increasing hair loss and brittle nails.

Contains 2 sulfur-containing amino acids (L-cystine and methionine), along with vegetable protein hydrolyzate. Animal proteins actually increase the risk of allergic reactions. L-cystine has the highest sulfur content of the natural amino acids, while the essential amino acid methionine is a precursor of spermidine, an effective polyamine necessary for hair growth. Minerals (zinc and iron) were added, due to the fact that subclinical iron deficiency gives a reduced hair quality.


Contains high-quality and millet yeast extract, effective in hair loss. Contains horsetail extract, which has a nail reinforcing effect by the presence of biominerals Si, Ca, K, and Mn.

Use of Pilos Forte

1 intake per day.

Ingredients Pilos Forte

Pilos Forte: 14.4 mg vitamin E, vitamin B5 6 mg, vitamin H 0.15 mg, zinc 15 mg, 14 mg iron, linseed oil 1000 mg, 100 mg L-cystine, DL-methionine 50 mg, 50 mg vegetable protein , brewer's yeast 100 mg, 25 mg millet extract, horsetail extract 25mg.
Pilos Forte 60  Capsules

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