Physiomer Soft Nasal Spray 1+1 FREE 2x135 ml solution


Description of Physiomer Soft Nasal Spray 1+1 FREE

PHYSIOMER Soft Nose Spray cleans, moisturizes and de-clutters the nasal cavities. With its unbreakable bottle, PHYSIOMER Soft has been specially designed for the sensitive nose. It is the only all-natural nasal spray, 100% seawater, preservative-free and physiologically pH-free for effective cold control with confidence.
PHYSIOMER Soft allows you to:
Improve breathing by 45%(1)
Reduce the duration and intensity of nasal symptoms(1)
Prevent the occurrence of ENT complications(2)
Remove dust, allergens, pollution and pathogens (viruses, bacteria)
Effective protection against colds and nasopharyngitis and limiting the use of drug specialties
A 100% seawater formula: thanks to an exclusive manufacturing process, PHYSIOMER preserves the benefits of Saint-Malo seawater and its richness in minerals and trace elements, which give it soothing and healing properties superior to those of physiological saline. 
  • An unbreakable bottle specially designed to withstand the small shocks of everyday life
  • Proven efficacy on all symptoms of the ENT sphere in case of colds and rhinopharyngitis.


Cleaning and disinfection of the nasal cavities.
- Relieves clogging of the mucous membranes, carriers of allergens and germs: bacteria, viruses, dust particles, house dust mites, pollen, smoke.
- Relieves nasal congestion and contributes to the recovery of nasal breathing.

Use of Physiomer Soft Nasal Spray 1+1 FREE

Young children can have up to 10 colds per year because their immune system is built up by contact with viruses. The risk of a cold is much greater in day care or at school because a lot of people come together. That's why nasal cleansing is an important daily habit to protect children from infections.
Running nose for colds and rhinopharyngitis
As a treatment, use PHYSIOMER Soft at a rate of 4 to 6 sprays per day in each nostril.
As a daily preventive cleansing     
Use PHYSIOMER Soft once or twice a day.

Ingredients Physiomer Soft Nasal Spray 1+1 FREE

100 % natural seawater
Without preservatives or addition of chemicals
Physiological pH specially adapted to the nasal mucosa
* With a concentration of mineral salts and trace elements equivalent to 9 g/l of sodium chloride, such as that of the organism.

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