Performance Cal-Mag 120 capsules

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Description of Performance Cal-Mag

Calcium and magnesium are involved in muscle contractions, nervous system function and energy metabolism. Your body can’t make them so it’s important to meet your daily needs through a healthy and varied diet. When your body works hard during endurance training, it needs more calcium and magnesium to help your muscles work properly. That’s why it’s recommended that all athletes who regularly undertake strenuous activity take a nutritional supplement combining calcium and magnesium. Endurance athletes often complain of muscle cramps, which can be very painful and force them to cut a training session short. The two main factors leading to cramps are dehydration and calcium/magnesium deficiency. The combination of the two minerals and good hydration helps your muscles work at full capacity, reducing the risk of cramp and even injury. Energy metabolism As well as its positive effects on muscle contractions, magnesium plays a key role in the energy process in muscle cells. Low magnesium levels impact on energy production. But if the muscle cells have all the magnesium they need, they can work effectively. Plus, magnesium promotes relaxation after exercise for better recovery. In addition to supporting healthy muscle function, calcium 90 tabs


Ideal for healthy muscle function
- Prevents cramps
- Prevents muscle weakness
- Supports healthy energy metabolism
- Supports a healthy bone system

Use of Performance Cal-Mag

Take 2 tablets a day with meals.

Ingredients Performance Cal-Mag

Calcium amino acid chelate, magnesium amino acid chelate, dextrose, anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate and silicium dioxide.

Download the leaflet for a complete nutritional overview.
Product no longer available

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