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Description of Orthonat Ortho D3

Vitamin D is synthesised in the skin as a result of exposure to the sun’s UVB rays. It is highly recommended that we profit as much as we can from the beneficial effects of the sun between April and October by encouraging outdoor activity. We cannot always benefit from sunshine at our latitude, but vitamin D can also be obtained by eating foods that contain vitamin D such as fatty fish, egg yolks and liver.
Certain types of people have greater need of vitamin D :
Vitamin D is important for teenagers as it plays an essential role in fixing calcium. The peak in bone density that will determine the solidity of bones later on takes place at around the age of 20. Teenagers today prefer indoor activities (PC, video games, etc.) and don’t get much outdoor physical activity which stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D.
People living in retirement homes or very old people who do not get out a lot
People with dark or black skin

Vitamine D has a number of physiological actions and it contributes to :
The absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus (two minerals that are important for building bone)
Maintaining normal serum calcium levels
Maintaining bone mass
Maintaining good muscular functions
Maintaining healthy teeth
Promoting an effective immune system
Moreover, vitamin D plays a role in cell division.
Given the very important role played by vitamine D and the lack of sunshine in our region, taking Ortho Bio D3 can be an important factor in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


10 µg = 400 UI = 200 % RDA vitamin D3

Use of Orthonat Ortho D3

Consume 1 drop of the Orthonat Ortho D3 each day during the meal.
(£85,48 / 100 ml)

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