Optive Fusion Sterile Solution Flask 10 ml

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Description of Optive Fusion Sterile Solution Flask

If your eyes burn, sting or feel dry, you might have a disorder, called dry eyes. Dry eyes can have many causes, from staring at your computer screen to airconditioning in rooms. To work properly, the ocular surface must stay moisturised. Normally, the ocular surface is moistened with tears as we blink our eyes. If the eye is not capable of producing enough of tears or the tears evaporate too quickly, the ocular surface and the below sensible cells can dry out.

The newest treatment for dry eyes of Optive
Optive fusion contains a technology with HA and CMC, two advanced polymers, which relieve the signs and symptoms of dry eyes. With HA you feel a soothing relief. The polymer CMC provides a relief by binding to the ocular surface after some time. It's a winning combination for comfort and continuous protection.

In addition, optive fusion helps to keep the ocular surface healthy, which otherwise can be harmed as a consequence of dry eyes. It also works very well for contact lens wearers.


Do you suffer from dry eyes? You may need Optive needed fusion!

If your eyes feel dry and sandy, you can use optive fusion to moisturise your eyes and give comfort.

If you have a burning feeling in your eyes, optive fusion extinguishes the fire.

With stinging eyes, optive fusion calms it down without obscuring your vision

Use of Optive Fusion Sterile Solution Flask

How to use Optive fusion:
To put in the eye drops in, first wash your hands and then remove the cap from the bottle.

1. Keep your head back. Look up and pull your lower eyelid down so a small 'trough' arises.
2. Hold the bottle upside down and let drip it into your eye. Do not touch the surface of the eyeball or eyelids with the dropper tip of the bottle. Use one or two drops per eye, according to the need.
3. Close the eye 2 or 3 seconds, so Optive fusion can spread evenly over the surface.
(£132,24 / 100 ml)

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