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Description of Omnivit Performance Monodose Reduced Price

The unique formulation of Omnivit Performance contains:
- The ideal dosage of magnesium from the sea and vitamin C that aids in the reduction of exhaustion and fatigue feelings. 
- Natural Cola extract contributed to the fysical and mental performance and stimulates the energy supply to make sure you can perform when it's needed.
- Caffeine helps the mind to focus better and increases productivity.
- A long lasting effect: the high tanine amount present in the Cola extract gives a long lasting and steady supply of the actively stimulating caffeine effect.
- Omnivit Performance is vernieuwend en praktisch om mee te nemen. Het wordt ingenomen zonder water en heeft een aangename sinaasappelsmaak.


A dietary supplement powder that gives a long lasting feeling of energy for mind and body.

Use of Omnivit Performance Monodose Reduced Price

1 sachet a day, pour the content of the sachet directly onto the tongue, no water needed.

Ingredients Omnivit Performance Monodose Reduced Price

Vitamins/Mineral Amount  (1 tbl)% RI*
Magnesium (mg)300 mg 80%
Vit C80 mg 100%

Cola-extract 250 mg-
Cafeïne (totaal) 75 mg-
* RI = referentie-intake


- Contains caffeine (75mg/sachet), not suitable for children, pregnant women or during breastfeeding.
- Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage 
- Dietary supplements are in no way a replacement for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
Product no longer available

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    Great vitamines! They work quickly and efficiently. Just take in a sachet and 30 minutes later you have more energy. Too bad there are so few in the package.

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