Oenobiol Beautiful Complexion 30 capsules

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Description of Oenobiol Beautiful Complexion

The leader of the dietary supplements for a radiant complexion is now launching Oenobiol Beautiful Complexion. Developed as a supplement by using a complete composition for the whole year, your complexion remains radiant and accompanied by a tan. Thanks to the cocktail of five active ingredients (lycopene, astaxanthie, zeaxanthin, lutein and turmeric), your skin gets all the nutrients needed to stay healthy. The all-natural formula is designed so that one capsule per day is enough.

The radiant effect comes gradually, for a visible improvement of your skin, but also a progressive tanning. Being a natural supplement, your body will get a nice uniform color with no streaks or smears.


A dietary supplement for a radiant and tanned skin all year round, suitable for all ages and skin types.

Use of Oenobiol Beautiful Complexion

Consume 1 capsule of Oenobiol Beautiful Complexion daily during meals with a large glass of water. Results start coming after one month, and the result is optimal starting from two months. The formula is completely natural and can be used non-stop.
Product no longer available

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