Noviderm Melatrio Intensive Depigmenting Skincare 30 ml

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Description of Noviderm Melatrio Intensive Depigmenting Skincare

Instantly and long-lastingly moisturises thanks to glycerine and beeswax. Fades brown spots thanks to the gentle exfoliating action of the prolonged release AHAs combined with AHAs. Prevents the appearance of new spots by restricting the formation of melanin and its transfer into the epidermis thanks to a patented whitening active ingredient with eco-certification, containing a cyclo-ceramide, vitamin C derivative and quinoa peptides. Soothes and restructures the skin thanks to quinoa peptides. Ideal for relaying a laser treatment session.

Existing brown spots are faded by gentle exfoliation. The appearance of new spots is limited.


Fades existing brown spots. Limits the appearance of new spots.

Use of Noviderm Melatrio Intensive Depigmenting Skincare

Apply morning and evening to your face (avoiding the eye contour), hands and/or décolleté, ideally for 3 months for optimum results.

Rich and creamy, Melatrio Intensive Depigmenting Care is quickly absorbed by the skin and reveals the radiance of your complexion. Its fresh green fragrance and soft texture make it a real pleasure to use. It is an excellent make-up base and is perfectly suitable for relaying beauty procedures such as laser treatments. Its convenient pump-tube delivers just the right amount for each application.

During the period of use, avoid sunlight or use suitable protection because of the risk of increased skin sensitivity to UV rays when using products containing AHAs. If stinging or irritation occurs when the product is applied, space out applications or stop using it and seek advice from your dermatologist or pharmacist.

Ingredients Noviderm Melatrio Intensive Depigmenting Skincare

80% of natural ingredients: Aqua (water) Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides: plant origin fatty substance Ascorbyl Glucoside: VITAMIN C, anti-free radical Glycerine: moistening, hydrating agent Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine: depigmenting agent Lactic Acid: exfoliating and moisturising agent Lactic Acid / Arginine (prolonged release AHA): exfoliating, moisturising action Cetearyl Alcohol: fatty substance, consistency factor Cera Alba: beeswax Glyceryl Caprylate: plant origin emollient ester with an anti-microbial activity Glyceryl Stearate: emulsifier Sorbitan Stearate: emulsifier and consistency factor Cetyl Palmitate: fatty substance and consistency factor Cocoglycerides: fatty substances, consistency factor Xanthan Gum: plant origin thickening agent Tocopheryl Acetate: Vitamin E acetate, anti-free radical Hydrolysed Chenopodium Quinoa Seed, Maltodextrin (quinoa peptides): strengthen cellular integrity of the cutaneous barrier, help maintain a good level of hydration and have a soothing effect 20% of synthetic ingredients (introduced in the right amounts to ensure the effectiveness of the product and enhance your pleasure of use): DI-C12-13 Alkyl Malate: alpha hydroxy acid ester with keratolytic properties Dicaprylyl Carbonate: ester which reduces the oily and shiny effect of the vegetable waxes and butters Tromethamine: enables regulating pH Ceteareth-20, Ceteareth-12: emulsifier agents 1,2-Hexanediol: moisturising, moistening Laureth 23: co-emulsifier Undecyl Dimethyl Oxazoline (cyclo-ceramide): has depigmenting properties by restricting the synthesis of melanin (brown pigment) Fragrance (scent)
(£100,89 / 100 ml)

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