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Description of NordiPen® 10 Graphic

NordiPen® is one of the most widely used durable GHT pens in the world. It is simple, accurate and convenient to use.

Why the right device matters
Making sure your child takes his/her growth hormone every day is one of the key ways of ensuring a successful outcome of the treatment. Research suggests that 3 factors can help encourage people to take their growth hormone injections regularly:
  • A simple injection device
  • An easy-to-learn injection technique
  • Minimising injection pain and anxiety

This pen doesn't contain any filling or needles. All 3 needles of Novofine fit.

Use of NordiPen® 10 Graphic

NordiPen® can be used with Novo Nordisk ultra-thin, ultra-short needles–including NovoFine®, NovoFine Plus® and NovoFine® Autocover®–designed for ease of use and less pain and anxiety during injection. Please ask your doctor for more information.

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