Natural Energy Magnesium Extra 60 capsules

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Description of Natural Energy Magnesium Extra

The determining factor for the production of dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine is the amount of free L-Tyrosine in the brains. When there is an insufficient level of free L-Tyrosine present in the brains, the synthesis of dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine strongly decreases. This can lead to apathy, less concentration, impaired memory and scant alertness, and in severe cases to burnout. It can also give rise to certain forms of depression (the so-called dopamine-related depressions). 

The level of L-tyrosine in our body depends partly on the supply of L-tyrosine in the diet, and also relies on the conversion of L-tyrosine from the amino acid phenylalanine. Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid and is therefore only obtained through the food. An estimated 67 to 90% of phenylalanine in food is converted into L-tyrosine. L-tyrosine is therefore essential in case there is an insufficient supply of phenylalanine. 

Our current Western diet is very low in both phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine, causing them to be insufficiently present in the body which can lead to a decreased synthesis of dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine. L-Tyrosine.


  • When feeling tired and lacking energy.
  • For rigid, indurated and cramped muscles.
  • To relieve agitation and lethargy.
  • To suppress nervousness.
  • During stress, nervous exhaustion and irritability.
  • To treat dizziness.
  • To relieve intestinal cramps.

Use of Natural Energy Magnesium Extra

Take 2 capsule per day with a little water during meals.

Ingredients Natural Energy Magnesium Extra

Amount per capsule
Magnesium glycerophosphate: 185,64mg
Vitamin B6: 4,92mg

Side effects of Natural Energy Magnesium Extra

No adverse effects with the use of magnesium. 

Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women


  • Close the packaging and store in a cool, dry and dark place (15-25 ° C).
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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