Naaprep Physiological Water 60x5 ml

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Description of Naaprep Physiological Water

Rinsing the nose with Naaprep:
  • Promotes the feeding and facilitates the sleep for babies by cleaning the nasal cavities that are blocked trough mucus.
  • Indicated for children who are not able to blow the nose.
  • Helps remove excess secretion and, thanks to its moisturizing effect, relieves dry nose for adults.


For nasal hygiene - to rinse or clean dry noses or in case of nasal obstruction. 
For eye hygiene - as an eye shower or eye wash 
To rinse the ears.
To wash out wounds.
To use in aerosol therapy.

Use of Naaprep Physiological Water

Never use the same dose for different use. The 1 dose-vial is disposable material for individual use. 

NaaprepTm can be used daily 1 to 6 times(as needed) to rinse the nose or eyes. 

For nasal hygiene: to rinse or clean dry noses or in case of nasal obstruction. 

Instructions for use: roll your head backward, return the head to an upright position. Carefully insert the tip into a nostril and gently press. Repeat in the other nostril. Raise the head to let the mucus run our of the nose and wipe away the excess of liquid. After administration, wait 10 minutes to forcefully blow your nose. 

Ingredients Naaprep Physiological Water

Sodium chloride 0.9mg - purified water 100 ml
Naaprep Physiological Water 60x5 ml
(£32,23 / l)

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    Very good value. Our baby needs to have her nose cleared often and this proved very effective doing it. Happily recommend the purchase of this to any parents.

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