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Description of Multi-Gyn FloraPlus

Multi-Gyn Flora Plus is based on natural ingredients. The gel next to plant extracts also contains prebiotic components. These prebiotics ensure the growth of beneficial lactic acid bacteria is stimulated and support a healthy vaginal flora. Multi-Gyn FloraPlus doesn't only treat vaginal yeast infections, but also relieves the symptoms and prevents recurrent yeast infections.


  • Treats vaginal yeast infections
  • Relieves itching and irritation
  • Optimizes the pH of the vagina
  • Supports a healthy vaginal flora

Use of Multi-Gyn FloraPlus

Treatment of vaginal yeast infections use 1 tube per day for 5 consecutive days at bedtime.

For preventing (recurring) vaginal fungal problems, use 1 tube every 3 days before going to bed.

Support for antibiotics the first 3 days use every day, then every 3 days.

Ingredients Multi-Gyn FloraPlus

Galactoarabinan Polyglucuronic Acid Crosspolymer *, Monosaccharides, Amino Acids, Vitamins * 2QR complex, patented bio-active polysaccharides of plant origin


  • In case of persistent or recurrent symptoms, it is advisable to consult a doctor.
  • Allergies to the ingredients of Multi-Gyn FloraPlus are very rare. In doubt, apply a little bit of gel on the inside of your forearm and leave it for some time. When an itchy, red spot appears, we advise you not to use Multi-Gyn FloraPlus.
  • Don't use Multi-Gyn FloraPlus more than 30 days in a row, so that the vaginal flora can regulate itself without help.
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(£48,81 / 100 ml)