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Description of Mucoperm Apple+

Mucoperm®Apple+ consists of 4 groups of substances:
- substances that eliminate invaders
- digestion-stimulating substances
- substances that serve as food for the intestinal flora
- substances that support or restore the function of the intestinal mucosa

The role of the intestinal mucosa is twofold: absorbing foods and being a barrier against invaders. That is exactly why the integrity of the intestinal mucosa is of crucial importance. If 1 of the tasks of the intestinal mucosa can no longer be fulfilled, numerous problems may arise.

Which are the 4 groups of substances and which tasks do they perform?

1 A great number of vitamins and minerals have an important job to fulfill as an antioxidant and serve as precursor for certain enzymes in the detoxification process. An important detoxification mechanism for carcinogens is glucoronidation. This mechanism is activated by glucuronyl-transferase which is mainly made up of calcium-D-glucarate. Another detoxification pathway is glutathione conjugation. The tripeptid glutathione is made up of cysteine and two more amino acids glycine and glutamine. Spirulina is a rich source of easily digestible proteins and contains a great amount of chlorophyll which is fundamental in the production process of cytochrome. Cytochrome plays an essential role in converting fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble molecules.

2 The intestinal tract cells are responsible for the energy supply of all cells. It goes without saying that optimal digestion is of crucial importance. Food is broken down by enzymes, a process which already starts in the mouth and stomach. A large number of enzymes serve as a catalysator: they cause chemical transformations, play an important role in most regulation mechanisms and enable metabolism to adapt to changing situations. Enzymes present in Mucoperm are bromelaine, papaine, trypsine, lipase, catalase and SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase). Bromelaine is a natural blooddiluting agent: it prevents clotting of thrombocytes. Papaine and trypsine break down proteins, whereas lipase is responsible for the digestion of lipids. Catalase helps to digest toxins and SOD is one of the body’s enzymes fighting against free radicals.

3 The intestinal flora help to regulate the pH value in the digestive system. A number of vitamins can be produced by the intestinal flora themselves, such as vitamin K and some B vitamins. They feed on fibres (Curcuma root) which influence peristaltic movement.

4 Healthy gut cells produce mucus and bicarbonate which protect the intestines against damage by toxins. Glutamine serves as an important source of energy for the intestine. Gamma oryzanol, a molecule present in rice bran, positively affects the intestinal mucosa and Hydrastis canadensis and Curcuma longa stimulate and restore the function of the intestinal mucosa.

All substances scientifically proven to restore the intestinal mucosa and a disturbed intestinal barrier function are present in Mucoperm ® Apple+. The active substances in Mucoperm® Apple + are offered on a base of organic apple extract. Apples have an excellent nutritional and phytochemical profile.


Helps to restore the gastrointestinal mucosa

Use of Mucoperm Apple+

Recommended Daily Allowance:
1st week: 2 x 1/2 packet a day
2nd week: 2 x 1 packet a day
From the 3rd week: 3 x 1 packet a day

Ingredients Mucoperm Apple+

Ingredients per 4 g:

-Spirulina 132.94 mg
-L-glutamine 94.95 mg
-Magnesium bisglycinate 83.55 mg
-Curcuma longa 75.97 mg
-Enzyme complex 35.06 mg
-M.S.M. 30.39 mg
-Gamma oryzanol 28.49 mg
-Vitamin C 18.99 mg
-Alpha lipoic acid 18.99 mg
-Hydrastis canadensis (Goldenseal) 7.60 mg
-Vitamin B3 7.60 mg
-N-acetylcysteine 3.79 mg
-L-glutathione 3.79 mg
-Vitamin E 1.90 mg
-Vitamin B5 1.90 mg
-Manganese bisglycinate 0.38 mg
-Zinc bisglycinate 1.14 mg
-Vitamin B6 0.38 mg
-Vitamin B1 0.19 mg
-Vitamin H 110 µg
-Vitamin A 110 µg
-Vitamin B9 (folic acid) 27 µg
-Selenium methionine 7.60 µg
-Vitamin B12 0.38 µg
-Vitamin D3 0.38 µg
-Apple extract 3 g
Mucoperm Apple+ 60x4 g Bags
(£17,79 / 100 g)

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