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Description of Miradent Chewing Gum Xylitol Cranberry

Miradent Gum Xylitol Cranberry

Xylitol - also Xylit - is a natural sweetener that occurs in many types of fruits and vegetables. Also, in the human body, xylitol is produced by the metabolism in small quantities. 

Xylitol chewing gum provides several important advantages:

- Reduces plaque formation
- Inhibition of acid and plaque-building bacteria
- Stimulates the production of saliva
- Strengthens the enamel by encouraging the re-mineralising
- Limited caries-transmission from mother to child, during pregnancy.

Xylitol works as long as the gum tastes sweet.


Denture Care gum with medicinal properties, without sugar or aspartame.

Because Xylitol also occurs physiologically in human metabolism, in principle anyone can use Xylitol products. 
Since Xylitol has little impact on the blood sugar and the insulin levels, it is also suitable for diabetics.

Use of Miradent Chewing Gum Xylitol Cranberry

3-7g Xylitol per day is sufficient to profit of the scientifically proven health benefits. The use should be spread throughout the day and is done best shortly before or after the main meals.

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    The taste of this chewing gum is really delicious. It produces saliva, so it cleans the teeth. The xylitol makes the teeth stronger. It doesn't contain Aspartam, so it is natural. Perfect after a meal, when you can't brush your teeth.

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