Minami Vegan DHA New Formula 60 capsules

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Description of Minami Vegan DHA New Formula

V-Pure Vegan DHA Omega 3 EPA & DHA is derived from algae, the source of these essential long chain fatty acids. Oily fish are rich sources of omega 3 EPA & DHA, but this is due to their diet of algae. The benefits of taking omega 3 range from a healthy brain to eyes and nervous system to also having powerful mood elevating and stabilising qualities help with cardiovascular health and may offer some protection against heart disease.


VeganDHA makes a substantial contribution to your daily DHA consumption. DHA is good for the eyesight and supports brain function with a daily intake of 250 mg DHA. A daily intake of at least 250 mg EPA / DHA also contributes to the normal functioning of the heart.

Use of 200 mg of DHA per day by pregnant women or nursing mothers, contributes to the development of eyes and brains of the fetus or infant. This beneficial effect is obtained when these extra DHA-portion is consumed in addition to the recommended daily 250 mg EPA / DHA for adults.

Use of Minami Vegan DHA New Formula

As a dietary supplement for adults one softgel per day with plenty of water, preferably with a meal, or as recommended. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Ingredients Minami Vegan DHA New Formula

DHA concentrate from algae oil (from Schizochytrium sp.), Wetting agents: glycerine and carrageenan, modified corn starch, natural orange flavor, astaxanthineconcentraat (from Haematococcus pluvialis), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, antioxidant: mixture of rosemary and tocopherol extract (Miradoxan) acidity regulator: sodium carbonate


  • Don't exceed the recommended dosage.
  • A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. A nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied diet.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.
  • Store dry, closed and store at room temperature, unless otherwise advised on the label.
  • Consult an expert before taking supplements in case of pregnancy, lactation, medication and disease.

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