3M Micropore Skin Tone 2.5 x 915 cm 12 bandages

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Description of 3M Micropore Skin Tone 2.5 x 915 cm

A paper tape that is gentle to the skin yet adheres well. An economical, general-purpose surgical tape, it is available in standard rolls, dispenser packs, and single-use rolls.

3M Micropore tape is excellent for repeated applications on sensitive skin and elderly patients. It allows for moisture evaporation and skin to breathe and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal. Micropore tape is available in a dispenser pack for easy tear and convenience. Excellent for general-purpose taping. It is available in white or tan.


  • Plaster for sensitive skin
  • The securing of ostomy appliances
  • Securing ophthalmology and other plasters
  • Securing cosmetic patches for face

Use of 3M Micropore Skin Tone 2.5 x 915 cm

  • Apply the tape evenly onto cleansed and dry skin. Apply in breadth and put pressure on the center and than outwards
  • Maximizing the grip by friction or by pressing the closure of the plaster.
  • Never use the plaster without pressure. This can cause blistering or cracking of the skin
  • Make loose the ends of the bandage
  • Remove the patch in the direction of hair growth
  • Hold the tape near the surface of the skin and gently pull it loose.
  • Support the skin during removal

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