BariNutrics Calcium Citrate Citrus 90 tablets

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Description of BariNutrics Calcium Citrate Citrus

With BariNutrics, Metagenics has developed an appropriate range of supplements for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery and this in collaboration with bariatric surgeons. Thanks to these supplements you can be sure that your patient takes his vitamins and minerals daily.

- Specific composition: supplements rich in vitamins and minerals in the right quantities, in accordance with guidelines of ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) and high dose conformity to the approved Belgian standards.
- Vitamins in active form so that they are immediately absorbed by the body and do not need to be converted any longer.
- Mineral salts with high bioavailability (bisglycinaten, citrates), so that they are optimally absorbed by the body.
- Chewable so the patient will not need to swallow or take with water.
- No side effects because of maximum tolerance.
- Ease of use: 1 to maximum 3 tablets to meet the daily need.
- Delicious flavors

Calcium is important for strong bones. After surgery, the body needs extra calcium. BariNutrics calcium is a calcium supplement on the basis of well-absorbed calcium. The advantage of calcium citrate is that it is active in a broad pH range and does not require acidic stomach contents to be included in contrast to calcium carbonate. BariNutrics calcium also contains Vitamin D which promotes the absorption of calcium and supports bone metabolism.

Use of BariNutrics Calcium Citrate Citrus

1-3 chewable tablets daily, spread over the day for optimal intake. Tip: BariNutrics calcium and BariNutrics multi don't need to be taken spread over the day. Thanks to the very easily absorbable form of iron viz. ferrous bisglycinate. In BariNutrics multi, calcium in Barinutrics calcium citrate doesn't affect the absorption of iron.

Ingredients BariNutrics Calcium Citrate Citrus

Vitamin D3 in the form of cholecalciferol 12.5μg
500iu 250% *
Calcium 500mg 62.5%
Calcium citrate 2000mg

* Daily recommended amount

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