Kineslim Chocolate Waffle Duo Promo 12 pieces

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Description of Kineslim Chocolate Waffle Duo Promo

Kineslim offers an extensive choice of diet products with protein supplements, combined with a professional program, to allow to lose weight and stay in shape.

This delicious balanced preparation is the ideal meal basis for anyone wishing to follow a high protein diet-programm. Suitable to support a diet.


Chocolate waffle that fits as a dessert or snack in the Kineslim protein diet.

Use of Kineslim Chocolate Waffle Duo Promo

1 to 2 waffles per day as a snack or as part of a high protein diet. Drink a glass of water with each snack.


- Do not use as a sole nutrtion source.
- For use as part of a nutritional diet where you drink enough (2L per day).
- Not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, the elderly or people with serious health problems.
- Avoid prolonged treatments without professional guidance.
- Successive periods of weight gain are dangerous for the health.
Product no longer available

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