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Description of Iso-XX 1010mg

In 1927 it was discovered that plants contain substances which mimic estrogen: phytoestrogens. Later on, phytoestrogens have been divided up into a number of groups: flavones / flavanones / flavonols / chalcones / lignans / coumestans / isoflavones. The latter group is interesting in that countries where soy (derivatives) is consumed regularly – and more specifically the isoflavones in it (genistein / glycetein / daidzein), have a lower incidence of breast cancer.

Soy is especially rich in genistein and daidzein, isoflavone molecules with a sugar molecule attached (glycosides / conjugated isoflavones). The sugar molecule is removed by the intestinal flora (the aglycone form). Daidzein can be further metabolized to equol, a substance with a considerably greater estrogenic effect than daidzein. The importance of equol has been discovered only recently. Prof. Setchell demonstrated that numerous effects of isoflavones are due to equol. If the role of equol is taken in consideration, it can be concluded – cf. Eva Lydeling-Olsen – that equol producers are more sensitive to the bone-enhancing effects of isoflavones (4.4 %) than the baseline. At the same time Eva Lydeling-Olsen saw that only 45% of the women taking isoflavones are equol producers. And Julie Maubach (Labo of Pharmacognosy Univ. Gent) discovered that the highest level of equol can be found in the breast.

The foregoing suggests that there is a large interpersonal variability in the metabolization of isoflavones and the bioavailability which declares the varying success.

Prof. Setchell found that equol producers are doing better than non-equol producers.
Equol does not only have a greater estrogenic effect than daidzein –as mentioned above – but it is also more selective – Equol acts upon ER-beta tissue as an estrogen and as an anti-estrogen upon ER-alpha tissue which is found in the breast and womb, it has more affinity for estrogen receptors and is a stronger antioxidant.

The crucial question therefore is: how does one become equol producer? Dr. Lampe (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle) discovered that the ability to produce Equol depends on the presence of specific intestinal flora. Meanwhile it has been found which bacteria are responsible for equol production.

It turns out that specific bacteria are necessary to accomplish stage 1 (to split off the sugar molecule); for stage 2 – the conversion of daidzein to equol – other bacteria are needed. It is also obvious that the soy matrix is better than isolated isoflavones because it plays an important role as a prebiotic (culture medium). Apart from isoflavones, the soy matrix consists of saponines, fibres, oligosaccharides, tocopherols, etc.

Researchers demonstrated that the beneficial effect of soy was not only due to one single nutrient but to the interaction between the ideal environment and the proper nutrients and bacteria.
In Iso-xx the soy matrix is used in combination with specific human bacteria which are needed for stage 1 and 2.


To relieve side effects of menopause

Use of Iso-XX 1010mg

Recommended Daily Allowance: 1/2 tablet

Ingredients Iso-XX 1010mg

-Isoflavones (soy; Glycine-max) 600 mg (= 60 mg isoflavones)
-Raftilin & raftilose 200 mg
-Probiotic mix 101 mg
Iso-XX 1010mg 30 tablets

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