Hyaflex Injection 7,50 ml

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Description of Hyaflex Injection

Hyaflex 1% sodium hyaluronate solution
HYAFLEX is injected into the synovial cavity in order to restore the synovial fluid.
All synovial joints, especially the weight-bearing joints, contain visco-elastic hyaluronic acid. This substance has lubricating and shock-absorbing properties.
This reduction of the stress on the cartilage allows it to regenerate and therefore reduces the progression of the osteoarthritis.
Hyaluronic acid (molecular mass 650 ~ 1200 kDa) in HYAFLEX is a natural polysaccharide derived from microorganisms (Streptococcus zooepidemicus) and then purified.


HYAFLEX is indicated for the treatment of pain or joint stiffness caused by degenerative or post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the knee, to replace or be combined with conventional non-pharmacological therapy or analgesic treatment.

Use of Hyaflex Injection

  • It is recommended that 3 injections should be administered per treatment, at a rate of one a week.
  • The dosage and the number of injections depend on the severity of the patient’s symptoms.
  • The effects of the treatment can persist for at least 6 months after a serie of 3 injections of HYAFLEX.

Ingredients Hyaflex Injection

  • Glass syringe for single use only containing 2.5 ml of the product in a sterile packaging.
  • One ml HYAFLEX contains 10.0 mg of sodium hyaluronate dissolved in a physiological saline solution (pH between 6.8 and 7.8).
  • Boxes of 1, 3 and 25 syringes.

Side effects of Hyaflex Injection



HYAFLEX must be administered by a doctor.
Product no longer available

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